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At Woodbury Spine, we are envisioning a stronger, healthier, and happier generation growing up in our community. We want to invest in your athletes!


Welcome High School Athletes!

When it comes to injury prevention and overall performance it is best to be "proactive" than "reactive". Strength and flexibility have long been considered to be essential in improving athletic performance, techniques, and especially injury prevention.

How can you be proactive regarding injuries? By taking care of your body. We want the athletes we sponsor to have a successful season by being educated and trained to perform at their best without incurring injuries.

At our office we utilize a Functional Movement Screening that runs athletes through a series of functional movements in order to see how well their bodies are operating. Our specialist observes which muscles are firing correctly and those that may need some extra attention. The doctor will also do a detailed chiropractor exam on the athlete. From there, they create a plan to correct any problems or deficiencies that could potentially lead to more serious problems or injuries.

The exam usually requires about 60 minutes. We strongly recommend your athlete get tested before the season starts so we can be proactive. To take advantage of this complimentary exam, please call our office at 651-731-0505 to schedule a ‘Team Doc Exam’. Let them know which team you are calling from and bring the attached certificate below.

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