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We are a community of health and wellness professionals all dedicated to the same thing: you. At Woodbury Spine Wellness Center, our team is committed to providing you and your family with the highest quality of wellness chiropractic care available so you and your family can enjoy an active and healthy life. We personalize our approach to each person who walks through our doors in an effort to provide real solutions for real people.


Our Families Commitment to You

At Woodbury Spine Wellness Center, our goal is to help you better understand this powerful approach to health care today. I invite you to browse this web site and experience why an "optimum functioning spine equals optimum health."

Built on a solid foundation, Woodbury Spine Wellness Center has inherited the family commitment to quality service and gentle and effective techniques. Today, our doctors uphold the ethics and principles established by chiropractic's founders over 119 years ago.




 Dr. Justin Nye


Kelsey Boeke- Chiropractic Assistant.jpg
Kelsey Boeke- Chiropractic Assistant.jpg

Kelsey B.

Chiropractic Assistant

 Dr. Kou Yang


Christy Nye

Health Coach

Gina Lawrence- Chiropractic
Gina Lawrence- Chiropractic

Gina L.

Chiropractic Assistant

Dawn Goettl- Movement.jpg
Dawn Goettl- Movement.jpg

Dawn S.

Movement and Mobility



Ellie F.

Massage Therapist

Nick S.

Massage Therapist


Jarett T.

Massage Therapist

Beth Ann Henning- Massage Therapist.jpg

Beth Ann H.

Massage Therapist

Katie S.

Massage Therapist

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We rise by helping others.


At Woodbury Spine Wellness Center, we have built a team culture that is about compassion, dedication and excellence. As a Wellness Practice, it is imperative that each member of our team works together to create a comprehensive experience for our patients. 

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Chiropractic career.

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