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Functional Fitness Center


Movement is Medicine

Our skilled, knowledgeable personal trainers take into consideration the patient's age, condition, and physical limitation, as well as their technical and motivational levels, to create customized workouts to help them achieve their exercise goals. Many fitness and personal training programs today are missing flexibility and mobility solutions. If we can't move well, our ability to reach our fitness goals is compromised. That's why our trainers are sure to incorporate these skills in their customized workout plans.


Another difference with our Functional Fitness Center than most gyms is we require you to have your FFC sessions scheduled prior to. This is our way of helping keep accountable and develop a routine. Book your free week of FFC with us today!

Your first initial session with our trainer will be an assessment exam to see where you are at in your movement patterns and mobility. From there the trainer will be able to assess where you are at for the rest of your sessions, making modifications if need be.

Contact our office to discuss getting started on your journey to regular exercise through our 8 Weeks to Wellness program or one-on-one personal training sessions.
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