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Start feeling better NOW

Get back to the pain-free life you want to live!

What you can expect 

A thorough consultation with one of our doctors along with a comprehensive exam and diagnostics with this special offer.

Normally $199 but only $99 with this offer

What you will recieve 

  • Consultation with the doctors to review your problem and specific goals.

  • Examination including digital x-rays and computerized posture screening. 

  • Health screening including blood pressure, strength testing, and labs if necessary ( labs may be covered by your insurance and may be an extra charge ) . 

  • A report of your findings along with a recommended action plan. 

We use specific diagnostics to KNOW what your problem is so we can fix it! 

We won't guess whats wrong with your health

Digital X-ray, Computerized posture analysis, and bloodwork are just some of the tools we use along with a comprehensive examination to pinpoint your problem and get on with solving it. 

IMG_1422 (1).png

" Awesome place & awesome staff. super accommodating no matter the circumstances so happy I found this place ."

Steven L.

" Thorough, sweet, and detailed. Didn’t make any rash decisions before reviewing everything, and it was easy to get an appointment. Great equipment…my favorite, the rolling table! Thanks, I think I found my new Chiropractor!!! "

Stephanie W.

" Excellent care and support. I'm grateful for the attentive staff and that they offer complete care. Exercise, nutrition, and chiropractic adjustment."

Elizabeth M. 
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